Is this the luckiest village shop in South Holland?

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Could Weston Village Stores be the luckiest village shop in our area?

Two lucky customers have each had £20,000 wins in the past three weeks.
The ladies, who have declined to waive their anonymity, are regulars at the shop and buy a Lottery ticket every week.

This isn’t the first time that a Lottery win has occurred at the shop. Before current owner Vanraj Odedra (32) bought the shop, another lucky person won £10,000 on the Health Lottery.

Camelot, who operate the National Lottery, are now planning on promoting the village shop to show other customers that people have been winning big sums of money in there.

Weston Village Stores has also already been promoted by the Health Lottery.

However, luck isn’t just on the side of the customers who visit there.

Mr Odedra’s sister, Rupal, won £500 on a scratch card which she bought in the Weston Village Store just two weeks after her brother took charge of the shop, having never won anything before.

Mr Odedra, who took over the business in December 2013, said: “It is great that people have won such a large amount of money from tickets they bought in the shop.

“Quite a few people say that this shop is lucky for them – one customer wins every week. Many of our customers travel from far away just to buy Lottery tickets and scratch cards.”