INQUEST: Policeman ‘wrapped up like a mummy’ after attack

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Brave special response officers continued observing a house in Sutton St James after one of them had been shot in the face and was “wrapped up like a mummy”.

PC Steve Hull was giving evidence on day two of the inquest of Barry Horspool (61), found dead in his home in Chapelgate on January 31, last year, after a 12-hour stand-off.

Earlier, PC Hull said he had been dealing with a road accident with PC Karen Irvin when reports came in about someone threatening to kill himself and a shot being heard.

PC Hull said: “The call said someone had said he was going to kill himself and he had also made a threat to shoot the police.

“Our instruction was to observe the house while a traffic response team arrived. We were an unarmed response team, there to make sure no-one came out or went in.

“We parked the car facing the house but I did not think we were in a vulnerable position.

“PC Irvin said there was someone at the window. As I moved round to look, the driver’s side window smashed and I felt a pain.

“I touched my face and saw blood all over my hands. PC Irvin was calling for assistance and I drove further down the road.

“She got the first aid box out of the boot and wrapped me up like a mummy.”