Inches from tragedy on day of high winds

The tree brought down by strong winds onto Emma Robbins' vehicle outside Lutton St Nicholas Primary School.
The tree brought down by strong winds onto Emma Robbins' vehicle outside Lutton St Nicholas Primary School.
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Strong winds brought chaos to people in South Holland with power cuts, fallen trees and branches reported across the area.

Roads in Crowland, Holbeach and Weston were blocked by branches and trees blown down by winds of up to 60mph that hit South Holland on Wednesday.

The worst incident happened in Lutton where a couple narrowly escaped injury when a tree fell down on top of their Land Rover outside Lutton St Nicholas Primary School in Marriots Gate just as children were leaving for the day.

Emma Robbins (40) of Sutton Bridge, whose vehicle was written off in the accident, said: “Me and my husband were sat in the Land Rover waiting for my daughter and her two friends to come out of school.

“The tree in front of us was bending quite badly and then we heard a crack as the tree fell across the back of the vehicle, damaging the back end of it.

“I was in the driver’s seat and my husband had to climb over me to get out and meet our daughter.

“We were very. very lucky and a woman across the road took me into her house to give me a cup of coffee because I was so shaken up.

“I’m just glad that the children weren’t walking along the path at the time the tree came down.”

Headteacher Luke Whitney said: “We have trees at the front of the school that are quite close to the entrance where parents and children would come onto the premises.

“At about 2.25pm on Wednesday, a tree did get blown down onto one of the vehicles, with the parents in it.

“It could have been much worse if the tree had landed on a slightly different part of the vehicle, but it came down on the back of it.

“Once we realised there was no injury or specific hazard that was presented to the children, the parents had the presence of mind to call the police.”

Elsewhere, more than 1,000 homes in Quadring, Gosberton and Donington were without power for several hours after overhead cables were blown down in North Drove, Quadring.

South Holland District Council’s offices in Priory Road, Spalding, were cordoned off at the weekend after strong winds blew tiles off the roof and for worker to replace them.