IN FASHION: Products to help you counter the effects of winter

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As the harsh winds and cold weather ensues, our hair and skin begins to feel dry and more susceptible to damage.

To ensure that two of your most vital accessories are in top condition, it’s time to get your skin and hair routine in order.

Lush fresh handmade cosmetics offer both you and the environment a great choice in hair and beauty products to help rejuvenate and care for your skin and hair. The company pledge to offer you handmade products, made entirely from vegetarian ingredients, with little or no use of preservatives.

Lush products are not tested on animals and the company are making steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Now that you have been reassured that in trying products from Lush, you are doing your bit for the environment, it’s time to explore how experimenting with lush products can do something for you.

Where hair care is concerned, Lush has covered all bases in offering their customers the same attributes as their processed counterparts claim to offer.

If it’s extra volume you’re after, then ‘Big’ is a brilliant choice for you. I’ve tried this particular product and loved it! It leaves your hair feeling notably softer and smells great too. Despite its appearance giving the impression that you may be left smelling like you’ve been drenched in seaweed and salty water, the producers at Lush have added neroli, mandarin, orange flower absolute and vanilla fragrances to leave you smelling just as fresh as you would have, had you used any other branded product.

Lush even offer a shampoo to help alleviate the chances of blonde or white hair becoming more yellow, ‘Daddy-O’, which also boasts essential oils to keep hair looking and feeling soft and vibrant

If it’s a skin quick fix you’re after, Lush offer some great face masks to give your skin that last minute lift. For added smoothness ready for a night out try ‘Ayesha’, the perfect solution to winter weathering effects on your skin. For more mature skin, ‘The Sacred Truth’ is a great option for rejuvenating the skin.

If you’re not sure about any of those options as a natural way to improve your winter worn skin, then how about having a look at their website at for more suggestions on how to get your hair and skin looking and feeling wonderful for the wintry weather ahead.