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Just as the house in Gosberton Risegate that was destroyed by tenants from hell and their 14 mastiffs is being lovingly restored to its former glory, the nightmare is beginning again 23 miles away.

Sheryl Roweth called the Free Press from her home in Lincoln Avenue, Gedney Hill.

She said: “The woman who destroyed the house in Gosberton Risegate with her dogs, I know where she is – she’s moved next door and she’s making our life hell, too.”

Ms Roweth said the woman, Louisa Roylance, five children and seven dogs, moved into the three-bed property about two months ago.

She said: “At first they seemed OK. When they made the headlines in the Free Press she was upset and said the rooms she decorated hadn’t been shown.

“But then the dogs broke through the fence. There are two Rottweilers, four Dogue de Bordeaux mastiffs and a rough collie.

“I have a five-year-old and an 11-year-old living here, it’s the holidays, but they have to go to their grandparents because I’m afraid it’s not safe for them to play outside here.

“The dogs have already killed our pet rabbit. A friend was staying here while I was away and he heard the squealing from inside the house.

“They’ve also jumped in our swimming pool to drink the water, ripped the bottom with their claws and we’ve had to pack it away, and they’ve made a hole in the trampoline, so it’s not safe to use.

“We reported them to the police and the RSPCA and have been in touch with the owners.

“We’re keeping a log now and have got pictures of the dogs in the pool drinking the water and trying to get in the house. One dog even had its paw on the door handle trying to get in.

“It’s terrifying to see. I have two dogs of my own, a Westie and Yorkshire terrier, and I daren’t let them out on their own.

“And then there’s the kittens. They are being kept in the shed outside and they are in the window crying all the time. They look so sad.

“Really, we don’t want to make things worse by coming to the paper, but we just don’t know what else to do.”

We visited Mrs Roylance and invited her to comment on the complaints by Ms Roweth and explain how the house she rented in Gosberton Risegate came to be ripped apart, filled with rubbish and caked in dog faeces and grime.

She said: “Are you publishing a story about me living here now? I don’t know what to do. I’ll have to contact my social worker and see what to do.”

Midge Clayton, who owns the property in Gosberton Risegate with her partner Richard Douville, said she had been made aware of where Ms Roylance was now living.

She said: “We drove by and saw the curtains closed, which is how it always was with our property, and saw rubbish starting to pile up in the front.

“Our nightmare is nearly over, although we are still owed £7,000 in rent.

“Please tell her neighbour how sorry we are they are going through this.”