Illegal ravers want talks with police

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Illegal rave organisers across south Lincolnshire say they will continue to be driven underground unless police are prepared to work with them.

They are calling for a meeting with Spalding police 
inspector Jim Tyner – and the return of seized sound equipment linked to a rave in Sutton Bridge.

Organisers claim, in spite of concern about drink and drugs and “a near fatality at their second party” ravers generally are under-18s who just want somewhere to go:

“Obviously, the police can’t condone the illegal side of things, but after years of these kind of parties occurring surely there should be communication to try and solve some of the issues involved, rather than taking such a hard stance and inevitably making criminals of our younger members of society.”

However, Ins Tyner said: “I’m sure readers will understand that I am never going to agree to Mr Saint’s suggestion to condone raves or turn a blind eye to them. As well as being illegal, they are dangerous.”

Full story in Thursday’s Spalding Guardian.