‘I’ll fight the killjoys,’ says pub landlord

Punchbowl landlord Pete Williams.
Punchbowl landlord Pete Williams.
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The owner of a well loved Spalding pub is asking for more people to sign a petition which could help save its live entertainment afternoons.

Pete Williams of The Punchbowl was served with a noise abatement notice from the council this week, and is now hoping talks between him, his legal representatives and the council will help to keep the Sunday afternoon events going, with the help of a petition which has already gained over 2200 signatures.

Pete said: “I’m reasonably optimistic about it but it’s not somewhere I’ve been before and, ultimately, it’s down to the laws that be but we’ve enlisted the services of some top solicitors who are experts in licensing law.

“It’s very sad one complaint could stop something so fantastic but we are hoping our petition will go some way to rescinding the notice.”

The noise abatement notice having been served means Pete has 21 days to appeal otherwise the entertainment on Sunday afternoons will no longer be able to continue. If it fails to stop Pete could face a fine of up to £20,000.

A South Holland District Council spokesman said: “Our decision to serve a noise abatement notice was made after being contacted by a resident who had complaints about noise levels from the premises.

“Officers investigated the matter and after careful consideration decided to issue the notice. As a responsible authority it is our duty to act on such concerns from our residents.”

Pete is calling for more people to sign his petition, which was publicised by the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian and asks the council not to put an end to the live band performances on Sunday afternoons at the Punchbowl.

The music runs for an hour and a half during the afternoon sessions, which are put on throughout the summer months, where a free barbecue is provided and families are welcome.

On Sunday afternoon, three regular customers at the Punchbowl were outside Sainsbury’s in the town, informing shoppers what the petition is about while collecting signatures.

Pete said: “They collected 400 signatures. That’s the kind of support we are receiving - some of those who signed it even came over to enjoy our live music afternoon afterwards. The support has been amazing and the comments on the petition just say it all about how people feel about this.

“I do appreciate that the council’s hands are tied. I feel that they’ve been forced into this by one person, and I really do sympathise with them.”

The petition can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/punchbowl.pete.5