Hunt for scrap thieves who upset sick girl

Police inspect some scrap metal in the back of a lorry.
Police inspect some scrap metal in the back of a lorry.
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A Donington mum is urging residents of South Holland to be vigilant after scrap metal thieves targeted her sick teenage daughter.

The mum, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter, said the incident took place on Friday when she was at work.

She said: “Men came to the door when my daughter was home alone and asked if they could take the scrap metal away.

“My daughter said I was at work and she didn’t know.

“They said ‘OK’ and went away – but helped themselves to the scrap metal anyway.

“Both my daughter and the neighbour who also saw them daren’t confront them. But the incident really upset my daughter who has been sick and these people need stopping.”

The police were informed and are currently investigating the incident, along with others that have taken place recently in the district.

On Thursday, a number of metal items were stolen from an address on Halmergate, Spalding. The items taken were a large water cylinder, a radiator and an amount of copper pipping.

A suspicious man was also reported looking in gardens in Spalding on Monday. It is believed he was looking for scrap.

Sgt Paul Coleman said: “While it is fair to say that there are legitimate scrap dealers and collectors who operate within the law, there are also those who will target both vulnerable premises and individuals and steal whatever they can in order to fund a criminal lifestyle.

“Our advice to the public would be that if you have any concerns whatsoever about scrap dealers or vehicles which appear suspicious, then by all means let us know so that we are able to follow up on the information.

“If you get that feeling that something is not right, then it probably isn’t. Better to be safe than sorry.”

There are still some property marking packs at Spalding Police Station if anybody would like one. These packs contain a UV pen so items can be postcoded.

Police also suggest security lights in the garden are a perfect way to distract a person and draw attention to them.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious can call police on 101, or 999 if is urgent.