Huge poo pit at the bottom of garden

The offensive hole
The offensive hole
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Swarming flies and a disgusting stench have driven a Deeping St Nicholas family indoors after a huge pit containing human waste appeared at the bottom of their garden.

Grandparents Robin and Karen Philips, of Carrington Drive, discovered the 12ft by 12ft hole two weeks ago, but it has caused a stink among residents because, in spite of expressing concerns about the smell and it being a danger to dog walkers and children, it is still there.

Son Scott has taken up the complaint with South Holland District Council after the family was unhappy with the initial response from the authority.

Scott said: “My parents came home one day and were appalled when they discovered the pit had been dug at the bottom of the garden.

“They are grandparents and it is also close to where dog walkers and children go.

“We should be enjoying the garden at this time of year but the pit is full of pure waste and the smell is disgusting – you can’t get away from it.

“If anyone fell in they would struggle to get out.”

Scott said there had been a problem with drainage ever since dykes in the area were filled in. The pit had been dug where a dyke used to be.

He said his father complained to the council by email, requesting a full explanation and expressing his concern, as a grandparent, because it had not been fenced off.

Mr Phillips wrote: “As you are aware this is not an acceptable thing to appear with no prior warning as we have grandchildren and this is not even fenced off and will act as a danger.”

A reply from Bruce Hildred, property services, said: “This has been reported to the contractor, Godfreys, who are carrying out some essential drainage maintenance in this area.

“Apologies for any inconvenience caused while this work is completed. The contractor informed us they visited site on Friday to mark off the area, however this needs to be left open at the moment for access to keep the pipe clear and empty if required.

“The investigatory works to the dyke at the rear of the plant at Carrington Drive has been carried out, due to previous flooding issues at this site, in order to find out if the pipe is damaged/blocked and identify any repairs/maintenance required.

“For this investigation the pits needed to be dug in these locations.”

Yesterday, a spokesman for South Holland District Council said: “We own and operate a sewage works in Carrington Drive which serves a number of houses in the area.

“Recently the sewage works flooded and was unable to operate properly as a result of blocked pipes from an adjacent dyke.

“It was necessary to dig open parts of the dyke to discover the full extent of the problem.

“A temporary barrier has been put up to keep the area clear.

“We are now waiting for further advice to fix the problem and will aim to complete the work as quickly as possible.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience to local residents and are grateful for their patience during this critical work.”