How do we make Spalding more vibrant at night?

Gary Taylor: how do we make Spalding more vibrant in the early evenings?
Gary Taylor: how do we make Spalding more vibrant in the early evenings?

A leading councillor is calling for ideas to make Spalding more vibrant in the early evening so families have a mix of attractions to enjoy.

Coun Gary Taylor, South Holland’s portfolio holder for communities, and two fellow councillors spent seven-and-a-half hours touring the town overnight Saturday/Sunday.

Crime is part of Coun Taylor’s brief but he saw “no trouble at all” on the streets or in the pubs, clubs and takeaways during the tour ending at 3am.

He said: “It was actually all very friendly.

“We didn’t see the police having to intervene at all – there was no trouble at all, nothing going on.”

Coun Taylor saw people of all ages, including those in their 50s and 60s, enjoying a night out but says many of the businesses were closed in the early evening.

He said: “I just believe there’s an opportunity for Spalding town centre during the early evenings – and particularly at this time of year when there’s so much daylight.

“Maybe we could have more events taking place or we could look at the market being open later (in the evening) in the summer. Why can’t the market open until 8pm?”

He believes an early evening market might encourage more businesses to open later.

Coun Taylor said there’s still so much pressure for people to drive out of Spalding to go to other places – and that would happen less if town centre had more attractions and events that could perhaps include a music festival.

He sees Spalding as family friendly, a view that was reinforced by his weekend tour of the town.

Coun Taylor said people who drive through Spalding at 2am may hear “noise and high spirits” but “there’s actually very few serious crime incidents”.