HOUSING: Will this be the same as Bourne development?

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I was somewhat bemused by the comments made by Mr Bell in his letter re: the proposed housing development by Larkfleet Homes at Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck.

Whilst I am not against the development in principle there is absolutely no doubt that 169 new households will have a considerable impact on the surrounding environment.

I assume that Mr and Mrs Bell do not live in a property adjacent to the field in question. If they did, they would be aware that wildlife is indeed prolific, with species such as deer, foxes, kingfishers, frogs, toads and owls.

Dense housing and increased traffic will affect the whole area in many ways, with increased pressure on roads, schools and medical facilities. Let’s not forget that more homes are already being built on former agricultural land not far away in the Woolram Wygate area.

We are between a rock and a hard place – if houses are not built on this field, then industrial units probably will be. Yes, Larkfleet have had consultations with local residents, but who can envisage the total impact of a new development from plans and reports alone?

If Larkfleet’s plans are approved and development commences, I hope that Larkfleet Homes will stick to their existing layout and house plans and not then apply for changes as they did on their densely-built site nearing completion behind our son’s home in Bourne.

A planned carpark was deleted because of ‘risk of crime’ and houses were built instead which overlooked the school playground.

Houses and apartments with tiny back gardens were built so close to the boundaries behind existing properties that the privacy of existing residents was all but destroyed.

The environmental report said there was no threatened wildlife and consequently a row of poplar trees and undergrowth were totally removed to make way for houses. Will we see the same at Wardentree Lane?

T Eastwood