‘Hole’ thing is farce as couple struggle to get home phone line

Mike and Jo Wyatt who haven't had a connected phone line for 3 months
Mike and Jo Wyatt who haven't had a connected phone line for 3 months
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A couple have said it’s a joke they are still waiting for a phone line at their home three months after moving in.

During the saga which has involved BT and Sky, the road outside Mike and Jo Wyatt’s home in Sutton Bridge was dug up to allow new connections to be made, but then filled in three days later without the necessary work being done.

Mike (61) and Jo (71), of Granville Terrace say they have spent hours phoning and emailing BT and dealing with engineers – but are still no closer to getting a phone line.

And they have branded the whole fiasco a “farce”.

Mike said: “We had lived in Lanzarote for more than 11 years and decided to move back in June to be nearer to family.

“We thought things were a little backward in Lanzarote but it had nothing on this.

“We thought we had left these inefficiencies behind, but obviously not.

“I can’t believe it has taken all this time and we are still waiting.”

Mike said the couple were initially told that new homes across the road had “taken” the phone lines because the house they are renting has been unoccupied for so long.

When they had not heard anything several weeks later Mr Wyatt contacted the office of BT’s CEO and finally received a call from the chairman’s office.

He explained the problem and then waited another two weeks for a call back, only to be told the problem was that the house had “no connection” and the road would have to be dug up.

Mr Wyatt said: “We knew that from the engineer, so we had waited all that time but we were no further forward.

“In the end we decided to go with Sky, so now we have a Sky box and can watch Sky TV, but we are paying full price and still can’t watch anything on demand that requires a broadband connnection.

“Sky is saying it’s not their fault as BT hasn’t provided a connection.

“One of the funniest things is that BT has sent several progress reports by email – which obviously I can only see if I go round to my daughter’s as we have no internet connection.

“It’s ridiculous.”

A statement from BT said: “We are having to carry out extensive engineering works to install new underground lines as there was no spare capacity to service this order.

“We need to carry out works to dig into an underground joint before we can connect the new lines into service.

“We are doing all we can to get this completed as quickly as possible and would like to apologise for any inconvenience whilst this work is being carried out.”