Holbeach St Johns woman one step closer to becoming reality TV star

Emma Frost hopes she will become one of ten who live in a perfect world for three weeks.
Emma Frost hopes she will become one of ten who live in a perfect world for three weeks.

Emma Frost (26), of Holbeach St Johns, is one step closer to starring on a new TV show, ‘The Perfect World Project’.

Emma has made it down to the final 50 applicants for the show out of around 5,500 hopefuls after three stages of elimination.

The show’s purpose is to find out if people are consistently happy if they are given everything they ever wanted, every day.

Emma is currently hoping for enough votes to put her in the final 20 contestants who will have to face judges during in-depth interviews to decide if they’re suitable to appear on the show.

She said: “I’m quite shy and I’ve never had the confidence to do anything like this before, but people are always telling me that I’m funny and I should be entertaining.”

She created flyers, hoping people from across the country, particularly in her local area, will vote for her via the Perfect World Project Facebook page, so she can get through to the next stage. Voting closes at 11pm on September 30,

One thousand people were selected for the self-video application and out of those, 100 were chosen for interviews that were held in London, which included a photo shoot.

Emma hadn’t told anyone about applying for the show with her picture and her version of a perfect world, and made her two-minute application video in secret in her back garden. But when she made it to stage three interviews she told her mum so she could have help with transport.

Her mum, Karen Frost, said: “We’re all very proud of her as she’s never done anything like this before.”

Currently employed at Holbeach Vet Clinic, Emma was working in an NHS call centre at the time she applied, after her love life broke down and she wanted to prove herself, she Googled ‘apply for TV shows’.

A group of ten people will be chosen and transported to a luxurious villa on a ‘sun-drenched island’ and compete against each other to win the show’s ultimate prize.

The winner gains possession of the coveted Perfect World Project concierge cars, pre-loaded with a six-figure sum, enabling them to live the life of their wildest dreams for a year and followed by a TV camera crew to see if it does bring true happiness.

Emma’s perfect world would be to go to America for the Man vs Food challenge, having lots of pet bunnies and using the rest of the money to help underprivileged children.

The Perfect World Project is rumoured to air next summer, when hopefully Emma will compete for first place.