Holbeach: Dramatic and superb or dull and nosey?

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On our Facebook page on Friday evening we asked you to describe Holbeach in one word – and it really got your imaginations working overtime.

Following on from last week’s debate, where nearly 2,000 of you got involved with your views on Spalding, hundreds were also interested in Holbeach.

Over 1,200 of you enjoyed the debate, with 44 of you commenting.

It was good to see Laddies ice cream shop and the football club proving popular, but some of the other comments weren’t so encouraging.

Rach Morgan said Beachless, Cassie Mcmahon: Nosey, Adrian Chapman: dump, Mark Smith: Ghosttown, Nick Morris: depressing, Kerry Weetman: Where? and Emma Devan: Dramatic.

Chris Hall said Mediocre (the town, not the football club), Linda Milbank: Horrible, Ken Bridges: Bottleneck, Shellie Ball: Laddies!!!, Kathy Rooke: Forgotten! and Yolanda Stanberry: laddies xxxx.

Joanne Houghton went for Hometown, Lizzy Coward: Home, Tina Lemon: Lovely, Erica Wicks: Dismal, Anthony Goulden: Dullbeach and Ceri Evans: Irrelevant. Chris Parnell said Underappreciated!, Richard Ginge Bloy: superb, Derek Bond: dead, Craig Bangtidy Chaplin: dullbeach, Siân Farr: goldfish-bowl, Neal Butterworth: Where?, Philip Todd: Changed and Claire Higgins: outdated.

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