Holbach Volunteer Training Corps 1915

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In 1915, Holbeach Volunteer Training Corps was pictured in new uniforms.

They are (from left, but not all pictured): top row – Ptes S S Mossop, B Thorpe, C R Thompson, J W Chamberlin, J Manton, Rev S Atkinson, F Hardy, B Bayston and Petchell; 2nd row – Ptes G T Driffill, Meadows, Halifax, T W Lane, C Wass, Tubbs, C C Harrisson, J C Cox, Dr Walker, P Sharpe, H Bateman; 3rd row – Ptes J P Gale (treasurer), Frank Carter, Frank Fletcher, J C Hardy, Quartermaster Sgt Fowle, Sgt-Major Goodge (instructor), Sub-Com J C Harrisson, Com A Worth, Sgt J Parsons, Cpl J F Clark, Cpl F Bateman, Sgt Knight, Ptes Bloodworth, Reddin, Wood, Mr J S R Tingle JP, Pte S Ward; front – Ptes C Porter, Ladbrook, P Adams, Watson, Ladbrook, S Trafford, R Trafford.