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The Vista Crew at St Nics Hall, Spalding'The Crew with banner ANL-141110-205227001
The Vista Crew at St Nics Hall, Spalding'The Crew with banner ANL-141110-205227001
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A community group in Spalding is hoping with the re-launch of its Saturday drop-in sessions, more members of the community will go along.

The Vista Crew, which is run by volunteers, runs twice monthly drop-in sessions on Saturdays for young people.

The re-launch has meant that the group has a chance to encourage different people from different areas of the local community to spend some time in the warmth of the Vista Hall in Spalding.

Dave Sargent, a volunteer, said: “It would be really nice if some of the Eastern European kids could come down to our drop-ins.

“We are here for everyone in the community and we hope that we can help to build bridges in the town.

“If we can bring everyone together, we can maybe help the problems some people see in the town.”

The group is committed to offering somewhere for young people aged over 11 to spend their time, with leaflets about their events being given out to every student at the Sir John Gleed School and the hope that more schools will also make their students aware of the Vista Crew and its good work.

The crew is currently part of St Mary and St Nicolas Church but are working to break away and stand on their own feet.

Volunteer Cathy Gibson said: “We’re going through the process to become independent from the church, and the church should have handed over all responsibilities to us by early next year.

“We really want to encourage equality and diversity in the community.”

Dave said: “The Saturday drop-in sessions are free to get in to, and there is free tea and coffee available, a selection of games to play as well as a tuck shop – we will even try to help with homework as best we can!”

Cathy said: “We’ll have more events coming up over the next few month, including another VistaFest and a quiz night.”

For more information on the drop-ins and events, visit