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Get Online Week is coming up next month, from October 14 to 20, and it is a great opportunity to help those who currently aren’t making use of the web to get to grips with it.

Young and old, there are many reasons for people to get online, and if you know someone who isn’t currently, perhaps during Get Online Week you can help them out.

For example, there are considerable savings to be made for people when shopping online. Cost comparison websites, whether for hotels, car insurance or flights, make finding the best deals a simple task and those without access to them are missing out.

Slightly more boringly perhaps, access to government services can be made much quicker and more accessible by using the web. Whether you are paying for your car tax, applying for certain benefits, or doing your tax return, being able to do it from the comfort of your own home can make a real difference.

There are also considerable social benefits to having access to the web and the confidence to use it. Tools such as email and video calling through Skype and other services makes it easy for people to keep in touch no matter where they are in the world.

Add in the ease of networking online through a social network like Facebook, and people who might otherwise be fairly isolated can have meaningful interactions everyday.

People can also take up new hobbies, or add a new element to those they already have. Genealogy has been revolutionised with the internet and easy access to archives and information resources, allowing people to look up their family trees without the need to rack up the miles travelling to the information they need – instead, it comes to them.

So, if you can, do take part in Get Online Week and share your skills with those who need it. Find out more at