‘Help me bring my husband from Egypt to wedding’

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A former Spalding woman who fell in love on Facebook and married her husband in Egypt is petitioning the UK Border Agency to allow her to bring her husband home for her sister’s wedding after he was refused entry.

Samantha Bell (31) married Mido in Cairo in September 2012. They both work in the tourist industry and live in Sharm el-Sheikh.

They applied for a family visit visa so Mido could come over for the wedding of Samantha’s sister, Elizabeth, in March and meet everyone.

Samantha said: “I thought that Liz’s wedding would be the perfect opportunity for Mido to meet all of my family and I know they were all looking forward to him coming with me to see the man who has made me so very happy.”

Their visa was refused because last year Samantha, a guest relations supervisor, was forced to take six weeks’ unpaid leave and hotel violinist Mido’s work was reduced for one month due to the political crisis in Egypt at the time.

Samantha said: “The entry clearance officer was satisfied that my mum is in a financial position to be a sponsor but, because we declared my unpaid leave and Mido’s work was reduced, he felt that we were not in a stable financial position as we both work in the tourist industry.

“He was not satisfied, based on probabilities, that my husband would return to Egypt at the end of the three weeks.”

Already there are more than 100 signatures on the petition website change.org urging the UKBA to overturn its refusal, with much support coming from friends and family in Spalding.

Samantha said: “We need as many signatures as possible. I am happy and settled in Sharm with my husband and we have no desire whatsoever to live in the UK.”

To support the petition, visit www.change.org and search Samantha Bell.