Help at last for paralysed Adam (22)

*Adam Seth waiting for benefits following car accident, Holbeach.'Adam Seth and Aime Ringer
*Adam Seth waiting for benefits following car accident, Holbeach.'Adam Seth and Aime Ringer
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A CRASH victim who was left paralysed after an accident is finally set to get cash to help him with day-to-day living, almost seven months after he was promised he would get it.

Adam Seth (22) was left in a wheelchair and with limited movement in his left arm after a crash in Fen Road, Holbeach in January 2010.

He now struggles with day-to-day activities and has qualified to receive a “personal budget” from Lincolnshire County Council, which would pay for care for five hours a day.

However, Adam and his family say they were approved for the money in November but are yet to see a penny, and have grown increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress.

The Spalding Guardian has now been told this week that the paperwork has gone through and he will be getting the money he needs.

A spokesman said: “There was a delay in processing Adam’s direct payments which had to go to the resource board for increased funding to meet his need.

“This has been approved and the payments team will release the funding.”

Adam is currently getting the care he needs from friends and family and is living with his mum in Greenwood Avenue, Holbeach.

Sister Aimie Ringer took just three weeks off caring for her brother to have her eight-week old baby and last week called on the council to fulfil its promise to help.

She said: “We are having to pay out of our own pockets at the moment.

“The council confirmed we are allowed to receive the money in November but we still haven’t had any of it – they seem to be making excuses all the time. We have had enough.”

Adam said: “If it wasn’t for Aimie helping me out I wouldn’t be able to eat.

“This has all taken a bit of getting used to – I just want all sorted out so I can move on.”