Hedgehogs helped by council cash

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SPALDING’S Alder Veterinary Practice is now treating sick and injured hedgehogs using the £500 given by district councillor Rodney Grocock.

News of the planned donation from his £4,000 designated budget sparked criticism last year with Moulton parish councillors calling for it to go to something more appropriate.

But Coun Grocock did his own public survey and pressed ahead after receiving 16 comments for and nine against the plan.

Vet Wayne Smith said the Bourne Road practice is spending the money on drugs, cages, heat lamps and nebulisers.

He said: “We are very grateful to Coun Grocock for his donation.”

The practice treated only three or four hedgehogs after receiving the cash last year because it came shortly before the creatures went into hibernation.

But three hedgehogs have been treated in the last 10 days and the practice expects more.

Mr Smith said: “Mainly they have respiratory problems. They have gone into hibernation weak and come out weak and we give them supportive care.

“We don’t charge anything for our time, obviously. Our time is always free.”