His and hers gastric bypass couple: ‘More people should have the op’

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A couple who lost half their body weight after undergoing “his and hers” gastric bypass operations have backed a study recommending the procedure as a way of controlling weight.

Roy (63) and Kate Glencross (62), of Fleet Hargate, underwent the operations in June 2008 and have lost 11 stone and nine and half stone respectively.

The couple say their lives have been changed and they are now much more fit and healthy.

They are backing the UK’s first large-scale study on the impact of weight-loss surgery, which was carried out by The National Bariatric Surgery Registry and reported a large reduction in type two diabetes and other health problems.

The report claims that type two diabetes fell by 50 per cent and on average patients lost nearly 60 per cent of their excess weight a year after surgery, based on 1,421 operations.

The Royal College of Surgeons says the NHS should prepare for rising demand.

Roy and Kate have both seen massive health benefits since the operations – Roy was borderline on developing diabetes and kidney failure, while Kate had bad asthma – all problems which have been greatly reduced

Roy and Kate had tried and failed with numerous diets before deciding to undergo the procedure which has left their stomachs the size of a satsuma.

Roy said: “The operation should definitely be available to more people.

“It’s life changing – as good as a heart transplant.”

The couple’s operations were covered by the NHS and Roy said the guidance and support which came with it were invaluable.

He added: “We were under a dietician for two years before we were approved to have the operation and the support afterwards was fantastic.

“We know people who have paid for the operation themselves and the before and after care was nowhere near as good.”

The author of the report says that allowing more people to have the operation now will save the NHS thousands of pounds in the future because it will prevent many more people from developing obesity-related conditions such as type two diabetes.

Roy agreed, saying: “If I had carried on as I was I would have needed insulin and dialysis and I was a prime candidate for a heart attack.

“I do need knee replacements because unfortunately the damage had been done.

“The operations have given us both a new lease of life.

“Before we used to sit and watch our grandchildren playing, now we can join in.

“Kate has dropped from a dress size 26 to a ten.

“I would recommend the operation to anyone who fits the criteria.”