Faye Sharman with brave son Ollie Turner (4). (Photo: Mike Davison)
Faye Sharman with brave son Ollie Turner (4). (Photo: Mike Davison)
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FOUR-YEAR-OLD Ollie Turner is a boisterous little boy who his mum jokingly describes as “a bit of a handful”.

But she wouldn’t have it any other way after going through the ordeal of seeing her son fighting for his life after he was born with a serious heart defect.

Ollie was born two months’ prematurely and at just six days old underwent the first of three major heart operations he has endured in his short life.

He was born with a serious defect, which meant he had only three chambers in his heart instead of four. It meant too much blood was being pumped to his lungs and was affecting his oxygen levels.

Mum Faye Sharman, of Queen’s Road, Spalding, said: “It was a terrifying time. Too much blood in his lungs meant he was practically drowning in his own blood.

“He was born by emergency Caesarean section so at the time of his first operation I was still recovering myself and it was terrible.”

Ollie faced a second operation at 15 months of age and underwent a third last month at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, during which doctors removed the remaining walls between the chambers of his heart and did some “replumbing”.

Faye said: “He is now fighting fit and completely back to normal. His heart is now just a big pump and it is all fixed.

“He is hyperactive and has gone back to school two weeks earlier than the doctors expected him to. He’s doing well and apart from regular check-ups he shouldn’t need any more operations.”

Faye is full of praise for Glenfield Hospital, which could be forced to stop performing children’s heart surgery under plans to concentrate such operations in fewer centres across the country.

She said: “I couldn’t have asked for a better place for Ollie to be treated and it would be a shame if it was to close.”

Yesterday, Ollie, who attends Gosberton House School due to suspected autism and AHDH, made his family proud when he officially cut the ribbon to open a new indoor play area at Crowland Garden Centre, where his grandmother Sue Jackson is assistant manager.