Almost there on 5k running challenge

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Residents getting fit by taking part in Couch 2 5k in Spalding are nearly at the end of their challenge. Tracey Vowels, fitness instuctor for the Fitness Company, tells us how things are going:

Another lovely evening for both week six and seven of Couch 2 5k, which are a lot tougher than the previous weeks – the runs get longer and the walks less frequent.

Running times jump up to 15 minutes and, collectively, on week seven you run for 30 minutes with only a short walk in between the runs.

If you are following the Couch 2 5k running plan, you should really be feeling the difference to your general fitness and well-being – the sense of achievement when you complete week seven is amazing.

With only two weeks left, the Couch 2 5k team will be taking the run to the road next week. Starting from The Fitness Company we will run along the river bank towards Little London then back into the town this will be our final two-week Couch 2 5k challenge.

Keeping motivated to run is always hard for some people and we have found this with the Couch 2 5k team losing some team members along the way.

It can be lonely running on your own – this is where running with a group or with a friend can really help.

Choosing some motivating running music to listen to can also help.

Running on the same days at the same time will encourage you to stick with routine and learn to say ‘No’ to other distractions that take you away from your run.

Remember to always warm up by walking for the first five minutes, the warm up process sends oxygen to the muscles where it works with glucose to produce energy. This ensures that the body works more efficiently and helps to avoid muscle cramps.

Eat a small snack before your run – something starchy such as brown bread or a banana will keep your energy levels up. Wear cool clothing, especially during the hot weather, and invest in some good running shoes.

Being prepared will keep you motivated and help you to succeed in your own Couch 2 5k challenge.

l Last night the team attempted, a 25-minute run which should see 
them almost on target for the final week and 5k achievement. For any further information on Couch 2 5k or generally getting fit for the summer, call Tracey Vowels on 01775 766775 or e-mail