Hare coursers using scrap cars in case police swoop

Hare coursers targeting Sutton Bridge and other South Holland parishes are using scrap cars so they don’t lose valuable vehicles if police swoop and arrest them.

Farmer and councillor Michael Booth told Sutton Bridge Parish Council that hare coursing remains a problem around the village and urged residents to call 999 when they see anyone trespassing with dogs.

He said: “I have heard today they are now coming in scrap type vehicles so they don’t lose money if police take them.”

PC Laura Griggs confirmed the hare coursers had “lowered the standard of car” because they cannot get their vehicles back if they are used to commit a crime.

She also urged residents to call 999 if they see hare coursers in the fields.

• Police have seized 14 vehicles in the last year from hare coursers.