Hard floors don’t have to be cold and noisy

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Local people have been getting more adventurous about the floors they walk on since the 20th century, when wall to wall carpeting throughout (except for kitchens, utility and bathrooms) had become the norm.

But exploring a more minimal look with polished bare boards or ceramic tiles in reception rooms, hallways, stairs and even bedrooms has its pitfalls, not least at this time of year when uncarpeted floors can feel literally too cool for comfort.

According to Nicola Clarey who runs Long Sutton Flooring with her husband Nick, householders unhappy with draughts whistling through floorboards or chilly tiles underfoot are going back to the comfort of carpet in sitting, dining and bedrooms.

But the search for a more interesting and personalised floor has brought one new product powering through to take a commanding lead over all the other non-carpet options - Karndean.

Nicola said: “Carpet remains the most popular option, certainly for rooms where people sit and sleep, but with Karndean you can achieve the look of wood or tiles and personalise the pattern, making your own unique floor.It’s also warm underfoot and very practicaland easy to clean.”