Happy St George’s Day from Donington!

There may not be many flags flying, but with the sun shining Donington residents are in the mood to celebrate St George’s Day.

Unfortunately, most of us are at work, but Malcom Mills, owner of the Black Bull, is hoping to change all that.

Malcom said: “We’re planning to lobby our MP John Hayes to change all that.

“I can understand why it’s not a Bank Holiday at the moment, because with Easter, May Day and Whit there would be four in a month.

“But one holiday could be moved - there isn’t anything from August until Christmas and people would enjoy a break.”

Anyone who would like to join in the celebrations can pop along to the pub tonight for a quiz and traditional steak pie and mash dinner.

At Corner House Flowers, partners Sam Lewis and Debbie Hood have been enjoying a double celebration with customers - their first birthday and St George’s Day.

Debbie said: “We had a really good first year and it’s been really great to celebrate our first year with cakes for our customers.

“We’re also running a competition in this week’s Lincolnshire Free Press to win a two bouquets of rainbow roses so we hope everyone enters.”

There has been plenty of support for St George’s Day becoming a Bank Holiday on our Facebook page.

Jason Puddefoot said: “Yes it should be a Bank Holiday, Ill be finishing work about 11am-12pm, getting changed and going to the pub.”

Erica Wicks said: “Yes, it should be a holiday and my daughter would be very happy too! It’s her birthday.”