Happy at home video goes viral

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No Caption ABCDE ANL-140616-150441001
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Everyone’s happy at a care home in Gosberton – so much so that staff and residents have been singing and dancing about it.

A parody video, created by Ron Tate for Gosberton House Care Home, has gone viral, reaching more than 1,200 hits on Youtube and has caused quite a stir in the area.

The idea came about when Mr Lee, owner of the care home, saw a video featuring some of his friends from his home in Minorca dancing to the same song on the video hosting website and wanted to replicate it using staff and residents at the care home.

Janet Eastgate, general manager, said: “Myself and the staff were quite reluctant to do it at first, and thought ‘are you joking?’, but we soon changed our mind.

“All of the residents who consented to being in the video were really happy to do it and they really enjoyed being part of the video, as did the staff.”

The video features members of staff and residents dancing and singing along to Pharrell William’s hit song “Happy”, in the style he uses in his own music video for the song.

Residents regularly take part in keep fit classes at the home, and used the skills they have learnt during those classes while filming the video.
Janet, who has been general manager at the care home since it opened nearly 25 years ago, said: “Care homes often get quite a bad rap in the media, with some being shown to be quite horrible, and we wanted to show that we’re not all like that and that we are a really nice team in a nice place.”

The video only took two days to film, and only took a week in total to create from idea to finished product, which has left the owner of the care home very happy.

Janet said: “Everyone who has seen it enjoyed it and we have had a very positive response from everyone - people are now recognising me in the street.

“The video was a one off, and we certainly aren’t planning on changing our careers any time soon.”

Sandra Brigham, administrator at the care home, said: “I think the philosophy of Janet and the owners really makes this place and it really does have a great atmosphere here, which you can definitely see in the video.”