GUARDIAN ANGEL: Spalding is open on Sundays

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest news from our “girl about town”

* Angel has been under the impression that Spalding is closed on Sundays. It therefore came as a bit of a pleasant surprise last Sunday to discover that in fact a number of businesses were actually open. Perhaps we need a ‘Spalding IS open Sundays’ campaign?

* Some of the people now living in Spalding have brought with them their different cultures, and some of them are interesting, to say the least. Angel’s partner observed a man relieve himself in the River Welland on Tuesday evening before removing his socks and shoes, washing his feet in the river, and then replacing his footwear and continuing on his way. And this was all carried out on the steps opposite The Lincolnshire Poacher, in plain view of anyone in the vicinity at the time.

* Angel always sleeps with loads of windows open and was looking forward to a cool and refreshing night in bed on Tuesday with the drop in temperature but it wasn’t to be as she had to close all the windows because of the incessant high pitched noise wafting through the night air.

* Angel had a busy day clearing her garden of weeds, cutting back overgrown shrubs and generally tidying up to produce a baker’s dozen of bin bags to take to the recycling centre on Spalding’s West Marsh Road.

Angel was scruffy, muck from head to toe, and had to go solo for the first few short trips from the car to the skips. But then a smart looking lady, nice and neat and sporting a sparkling pair of white shorts, appeared and two or three of the chaps at the centre dashed forward to help with her bags. Angel flashed her big brown eyes and help appeared for her too.

* Angel had a lovely treat on Saturday courtesy of Emma at Hills Department Store in Spalding – a free hand and arm massage with a complementary tube of luxury moisturiser. Angel’s back was still aching from gardening, but she didn’t pluck up the courage to ask for some on the spot treatment for that too.

* Angel was cycling close to the verge on a bend along the A152 the other night when a lorry driver patiently slowed and “queued” behind her to avoid going into the oncoming traffic lane.

But a car driver behind the lorry lurched out and screamed past them both. He wouldn’t have been able to see ... and one of these days a gamble like that won’t pay off.

Angel would also advise car drivers it’s not a good idea to use cyclists’ elbows as little polishers for the nearside of their cars and to give those on two wheels enough room.

* Finally, Angel learned a new meaning for the term “sales rush” after hearing how staff at Beales Department Store in Spalding had to borrow chairs from a town pub for its charity fashion show.