Guardian Angel: Please wait for the green man

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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A plea to pedestrians: If you are going to cross the road at Swan Street pelican crossing please wait until the green man appears. Angel is getting increasingly frustrated – and concerned – about the number of people who cross there so recklessly. With traffic coming from three directions it really is safer to wait until it’s clear to cross – particularly if you walk slowly!

Angel spotted a couple of people in what looked like inflatable canoes on the Welland at the weekend. It looked very peaceful and left Angel wondering how she might go about taking up canoeing...

Angel doesn’t like to appear a moaning minnie but wonders if the people who had parked their cars across the pedestrian part of the footpath in Halmer Gate in Spalding on Sunday gave a thought to where the pedestrians would go. Oh, of course, there’s always the cycle path.

Call it summer madness but Angel thinks we should introduce an early evening Continental style promenade to Spalding life. Perhaps it could conclude on summer evenings with drinks in the Market Place at outdoor seating, guitar music playing unobtrusively in one corner. Alternatively, Angel will wait for her Italian holiday to come around.

Angel spotted a young lady walking through Spalding market in a striking, tartan mini skirt when the wind flipped it up at the back to reveal... let’s just say she was upholding the tradition of the kilt.

Polite shop assistant of the week must go to the chap at Poundstretcher, who apologised to Angel yesterday, saying: “Sorry for the wait.”

When Angel pointed out there was no queue and she had strolled straight to the till, he added: “Even better!”

While we’re giving out awards, the little lad Angel spotted backchatting his mum in Aldi on Tuesday afternoon wins, shall we say, the precocious child of the week accolade.

After his mum told him off for taking things off the shelf, he replied: “Don’t think you can tell me what to do just because daddy is waiting outside in the car.” Unbelievable.

Angel felt a little sorry for the assistant in Superdrug who, obviously following company policy, asked each and every person in the queue the exact same thing: “Do you have a bag or would you like one?”, followed swiftly by “Do you have a Beauty Card? No? Can I interest you in one?”

The amount of times she must have to say that every day – it must drive her mad!

Angel’s colleague had the office in stitches this week when he was talking about the items associated with certain wedding anniversaries.

“For 13 years it’s laco,”, he said, “I’ve never heard of that. Oh, no sorry it says lace.”