Guardian Angel: our girl’s observations on life

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel was delighted to share with pupils Jade Etherington’s visit to Bourne Westfield Primary Academy.

With celebrations over, pupils returned to class but one staff member had a final objective – he popped up and asked Jade for a photo. Nothing to see here Angel thought, then she heard Jade exclaim: “Oh, you want a selfie!” What an amusing scene to end Angel’s visit, as a teacher and Jade pose and grin in front of the phone.

• One of Angel’s reporter friends – and a score of other drivers – were caught up in traffic mayhem on Friday when sets of temporary traffic lights at Moulton must have turned to green at the same time. Our reporter followed fellow drivers on to the grass verge while oncoming traffic was weaving in and out of bollards to carry on their journey towards Weston. Two contractor chaps were looking puzzled by it all but neither turned traffic cop to sort things out.

• Angel’s friend frequently walks over High Bridge with her small children to get in and out of town and complains the dropped kerb where pedestrians cross to get into the Market Place is regularly blocked by parked cars. Have a thought motorists and keep that part of the road clear.

• When did the tulips emerge? Angel was delighted to see lots of them in flower last weekend, but a little surprised. Isn’t it very early?

• One of Angel’s somewhat cynical friends had a letter through her door several weeks ago saying county council highways would repair a nearby road “weather permitting” on Monday, April 7. “A likely story,” thought Angel’s pal. “They’ll be at least several days late.” But, no, the trucks appeared on the right day and the road was indeed repaired despite a rainy start to the morning. Well done, highways!

• Staff at Costa like nothing better than grabbing a few minutes for a deep clean. Angel has heard them talk about it at least twice when she popped in for a posh coffee. So it didn’t surprise her when they had words of advice following a little mishap she had in the bathroom. It was Sunday and Angel had been aiming to escape into the countryside all morning. But the chores were not going well. Puppy had left paw prints on the sheets after shooting past her from outside and she was on the second wash – together with stain remover and something claiming to make fabrics whiter than white. While she was waiting she decided to try and remove limescale from around the bathroom taps. Toilet cleaner has limescale remover, she remembered. Big mistake! The hot tap suddenly tarnished black like old silver teapots do. She needed a coffee. “Scouring pads will get rid of it,” said the staff. What to you think?