GUARDIAN ANGEL: Hooray for shopkeepers

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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It’s good to see that the entrepreneurial spirit appears to be alive and well in Spalding, despite the difficult trading conditions.

Angel noted that the shop on the corner of Sheepmarket close to Spalding Guardian Towers had shut up, and newspapers are now covering up the windows. It’s sad to see any shop close, even if it did sell peculiar items that most of us can live without.

However, this week there appears to be some kind of action going on in the former Prior’s Oven-turned jewellery shop opposite the Pied Calf. Angel thinks we have to applaud all the shopkeepers of Spalding who keep trading in the town– and welcome with open arms anyone willing to open a new shop, hopefully selling items we can’t live without!

* There appears to have been a change in The Crescent in Spalding too where a former dress agency is being transformed into a beauty salon.

Angel wonders just how much more beautiful the women of Spalding can become?

* There were no thoughts of beauty as she drove down Commercial Road in Spalding late on Tuesday morning, however.

A rather large chap seemed to be having trouble keeping his jeans on as he tried to persuade his cycle to keep going.

After the experience, Angel thinks cycling isn’t all it’s “cracked” up to be.

* Angel had to eat himble pie with ‘im indoors this week regarding their age-old argument concerning “the Christmas Tree”.

You see, Angel has always advocated a tasteful yet artificial tree, while hubby wants the full works, grotty pine needles included.

So she was rather shame faced after she’d unfurled, positioned and decorated the new plastic tree, only to see it too had shed its false needles all over the carpet.

* Angel’s nephew has been enjoying his first term of Grammar School life, but received a rude awakening on the rugby field last week.

The boys had been mixed into groups along the lines of “have played before”, “haven’t played but are quite sporty” and “haven’t played and haven’t much inclination too”.

Nephew had been in the latter group the previous week, but didn’t shout out when put in the top one this time around.

“When I tried to tackle, they just kept running with me holding on. And when they tackled me... it hurt,” he told Angel.

He’ll speak up next time.

* Continuing the sporting theme, Angel feels so sorry for the lads at Spalding United Football Club. One of the favourites to win the national FA Vase competition at Wembley next year, they have been thrown out after unknowingly fielding an unregistered player.