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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Tuna and beans anyone?

Some of Angel’s colleagues in Free Press Towers favour the baked potato stall on Tuesday’s market. After the last trip to pick up lunch, Angel heard there had been a bit of a mix-up and that someone had walked off with not only their own lunch, but a potato that had been pre-ordered for someone else too. 
Only trouble was, it was tuna and beans, which can’t be to many people’s liking, although it may be one of those odd combinations that works well. Like when you order a Chinese takeaway and end up discovering an entirely new taste... that someone else has ordered.

Angel was introduced to the delights of peshwari naan in just such a muddle when her favourite Indian restaurant swapped that for her usual order of pilau rice.

* How very exciting to see Spalding’s new narrowboat – All Well and Good – sailing along the Welland on Sunday. Angel noted it was being piloted by Ray Pannell, one of the water taxi drivers, rather than members of the party who had hired it for its maiden voyage.

* Talking of the river, Angel was delighted to see so many people making good use of the water taxis, re-launched on Friday for the new season.

* Spotted: the first duckling sighting of the season!

* During a visit to a town post office, Angel learned just how hard it is for some people to adapt to changing times.

An elderly customer had to be given the bad news that staff were no longer allowed to accept post-dated cheques as payment for items to be sent.

It made Angel ask herself - is there anyone in South Holland still watching a black and white TV.

* Angel suspects that the Bishop of Lincoln will be making a quick return to Spalding after the hospitality he was shown at a Palm Sunday service on Sunday.

The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson was in real danger of losing his voice having just started his sermon at St Mary and St Nicolas Church on Sunday.

But thanks to the quick thinking of the church’s vicar, Rev John Bennett, a glass of water came to the Bishop’s aid.

He did have to convince the congregation it was nothing more stronger than water though, but Angel thinks he will never preach a sermon on Jesus Christ being the “water of life” in the same way ever again.

* One of Angel’s friends has a slightly stinky car. The reason? She’s busy spreading farmyard manure on a garden that refuses to grow anything other than weeds. Said friend can’t carry the bags because they’re too heavy and each has to be decanted into a bucket, trowel by trowel load.

* Seen those posh speed limited signs on the back of vans. Angel spotted a handwritten one in the grime: “Can only go at 65mph.”