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The latest observations from our girl about town

Angel literally nearly ran into a group of teenagers from Spalding High School last week – but still exited the encounter wfeeling happy.

Turning slowly into Francis Street from The Crescent (admittedly a potentially dangerous junction that looks pedestrianised) Angel braked as the unaware girls wandered in front of her car.

Now this happens quite regularly to Angel and is usually met with embarrassment and occasionaly anger from the pedestrians.

But on this occasion the lovely girls all smiled, apologised profusley and sent Angel back to the office with a smile on her face.

* Talking of schools, Angel’s nephew is currently enjoying his second full week at Spalding Grammar – and it’s good to see that they’re not mollycoddling the new starters there.

First lesson this Monday was tag rugby, outside. That’ll toughen ‘em up.

* Angel’s niece was on her mind this week too.

Aforementioned nephew had reason to be called “lavatorial” at the dinner table after making a rude comment.

He said he didn’t even know what lavatorial meant but niece piped up: “Well I know a lavatory is somewhere they do science experiments...”

* Angel’s boss thought for a moment he had encountered a very political, and facetious, door steward when attending “An Audience with Iain Duncan Smith” at Spalding’s South Holland Centre on Friday night.

For he was asked: “Are you here to see the comedian,” not knowing that funnyman Russell Kane was starring in a different room at the same venue that evening.

* At the same event, Mr Duncan Smith spoke very fondly of local MP John Hayes.

The South Holland and the Deepings member is famous locally for being late to meetings – although to be fair that is more a reflection of his workload than his timekeeping.

So Angel was delighted to hear it’s not just Lincolnshire folk he keeps waiting. A certain Mr Cameron has been spotted alone in various restaurants anxiously looking at his watch!

* What do you give a departing bishop at his final service in the area?

This was the dilemma facing members of St Mary and St Nicolas Church, Spalding, where Angel enjoyed a last communion with the Bishop of Grantham, the Rt Revd Dr Tim Ellis.

The church decided that a sackful of daffodil bulbs was the ideal way for Dr Ellis to remember South Holland and its people.

With any look, the now defunct Spalding Flower Parade will have a new home in a Sheffield garden where Dr Ellis is moving to.