News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest observations from our girl about town...

Angel and her earthly partner chuckled as they walked past the Red Lion Hotel in Spalding on Saturday. A board besidethe steps advertised the hotel’s ‘Man creche’ and suggested leaving ‘man’ safely inside while the serious business of shopping was conducted.

* Incidentally, all praise to the Red Lion Hotel which, year after year, provides a stunning display of hanging baskets for us all to enjoy. With its shutters, the hotel always reminds Angel of a French hotel rather than a hostelry in an English market town.

* Angel likes to take a stroll in Spalding and enjoy a coffee on a Sunday. Three cheers then to the places that stay open on that day, including Bookmark and Taylor’s Coffee House, but all respect to those that choose to take a well-deserved break too.

* Angel can think of only one thing worse than a pile of dog poo greeting her right outside the office door on a Monday morning, and that’s a big pile of dog poo that has obviously been trodden in and traipsed across the pavement. Pity to the poor person who didn’t see it there and shame on the irresponsible dog owner who left it there.

* Overheard in a Spalding shop one day last week: Woman 1 – Are you going anywhere nice next week?”

Woman 2: “Only Hunstanton.”

Woman 1: “Oh, Hunstanton’s lovely. You can walk and bike...”

Woman 2: “You’re not allowed to bike along the front this time of year.”

Woman 1: “Well, you can walk...”

* Angel was amazed by the local nature of Tuesday night’s rainstorm.

She was met with an absolute deluge while driving down Lime Walk in Long Sutton, butv turned the corner and just a few hundred yards away came to a sunny street where a shirtless man was mowing his dry grass in the sunshine.

Perhaps he was particularly righteous...

* One of the Guardian’s advertsing staff accidentally gave pedestrians in Gore Lane rather an eyefull recently.

The lady, who will remain nameless (let’s call her Nell) stopped to talk to several friends and customers, not knowing until she got to work that her underskirt was so badly torn that her bright pink knickers were on view to all.

Luckily for Nell a workmate rushed out and bought a pettycoat to spare her blushing cheeks.

* Angel is off to London next week, taking her nephew to visit museums for a couple of days.

The 11-year-old is very excited, particularly about travelling on the Underground, and was heard telling his sister: “We don’t have to pay... we’ve got lobster cards!” Think he means Oyster, bless.