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The latest news from our girl about town...

Angel observes that sometimes the language does stray a little in Guardian towers when things don’t always go to plan but really doesn’t like it when she has to listen to the language from the street below by pupils that have been let out of school for the day.

* Driving home from work last week, Angel had stopped behind a bus which was dropping off some passengers. While she and several other drivers waited for a safe moment to overtake, a boy on a moped came speeding past the queue.

How unbelievably dangerous!

* Angel had a little giggle to herself when she was walking into work and spotted the magistrates’ court security team trying to put the clock right. One of them was in the car park, the other presumably inside somewhere, and they were talking very loudly on walkie-talkies.

“Left a bit, no right a bit. No, left again.”

* Angel’s friend is on a bit of a fitness drive and went into a local newsagents to buy a diet and fitness magazine, only to be asked by the assistant: “Any special offer sweets or chocolate for you today?”

* Angel heard a cautionary tale this week.

A friend was on his way to Peterborough for a spot of shopping but as he neared Eye part of his car exhaust fell off.

He pulled over, walked to a nearby garage and returned with a mechanic ten minutes later – only to discover the exhaust had been stolen.

You really can’t leave anything these days!

* This wasn’t the only theft brought to Angel’s attention this past week.

It seems Guardian chief photographer Tim Wilson’s step ladder was stolen while he was taking pictures at Pinchbeck Carnival on Saturday.

Tim stood it on the verge in Rose Lane while he chased after the last couple of floats... and two minutes later it had gone.

It has Tim’s name and phone number written on it, so hopefully may be returned.

* There’s some very assertive graffiti in the Adams car park near the Guardian offices at the moment.

Apparently only God can judge us, not the police.

* Angel has been doing a lot of tidying up in the garden lately and recently pulled up a load of overgrown mint and took it with the rest of her green waste to the recycling centre.

She then felt guilty when her boss told her someone in Lutton had taken the trouble of potting on their unwanted mint and leaving it on the side of the road with a note inviting people to help themselves.

How lovely.