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The latest news from our girl about town...

* Spalding’s Market Place was a particularly interesting experience on Tuesday with a live pony attracting attention for a charity, a particularly good busker belting out songs and a Big Issue seller who was accompanied by his dog that was laying on a pile of blankets and gnawing a hefty bone.

* Have you ever noticed how children’s emotions are actually more in check than ours?

Angel had to break news to her nephew and nieces yesterday morning that the last of their three gerbils had died.

While Angel fought back the tears, nephew remarked how sad it was and got back to his iPad, while nieces raced up stairs to have a look.

* With times hard and supermarket prices rising all the time, Angel has been spending more and more time buying fruit, vegetables and flowers from the roadside. And why not, when you can get four bunches of daffodils for 60p at Whaplode St Catherine?

* On the subject of daffs, Angel can never sweep by those wonderful roadside displays of them without saying a silent thank-you to the generous hands who planted them on grass verges or in odd nooks and crannies. A big thank you to you all.

* Still on that subject, Sutton Bridge In Bloom could do with some volunteers to help with its many projects in the village.

They are particularly keen on having some strapping blokes to sign up, presumably to do some of the heavier jobs.

Projects coming up include making a new community garden along with jobs like planting and painting.

If you can help, please call the chairman, Roxane Freezor, on 01406 359827.

* Another wonderful service Angel uses is handymen.

Every village seems to have one and she is so envious of these wonderful men, many of them quite senior, who can turn their hand to anything.

Angel, with no DIY skills whatsoever, recently suffered a greenhouse door that came off its hinges, a kitchen door that jammed shut when the lock broke and a conservatory fan that wouldn’t fan.

A call on a Saturday, a visit on a Sunday and the jobs done in a couple of days for a good price. Probably cheaper than the call-out call for a major company.

* While talking of great service, Angel’s friend is thinking of having an extension.

She was recommended GR Merchant architects of Holbeach, called them to make an appointment, and had a visit within two hours.

Brilliant service again.

* Angel had one of her many visits to Savers in Spalding yesterday. And for the first time in ages she wasn’t offered discount this, that and the other. Not even a mobile top-up. What a refreshing change. Please keep it up.