Observations from our girl about town

* Angel decided to take a two-day break from the grind of observing Spalding life by exploring some of what other Lincolnshire towns have to offer.

It started off well enough with a bus trip to Boston where the main attractions were a fire sale at the town’s branch of a well-known high street music chain and a store selling cut-price DVD boxsets.

Angel likes her US crime dramas but was even more pleased to leave Boston having spent next to nothing.

Next stop was the county’s capital Lincoln where the cathedral, perched on a hill above the city, stood waiting to greet Angel like a long-lost cousin.

Two more discount DVD stores filled Angel’s shopping bag but, in-between, there was a stop-off at a market stallholder who had spent almost a quarter of a century in the armed forces before working on the London Underground.

But this is the where the outing started to go very wrong when Angel discovered that the last train to Spalding leaves Lincoln at just after 4pm – with the city clock showing 4.10pm.

So instead of staying loyal to one county, Angel had to make an unplanned diversion through Nottinghamshire (Newark Northgate) and Cambridgeshire (Peterborough) before arriving back in Spalding after dark.

Thankfully, Friday proved much more straightforward for Angel as she undertook a trip to King’s Lynn and back.

But with Thursday’s ordeal still fresh in her mind, Angel wonders what Dr Beeching would make of the possibility that Spalding citizens could find themselves being stranded in Lincoln after 4pm when all the trains have gone?

* Back home for a weekend entertaining family, Angel came over all Domestic Goddess and baked not angel cakes, but Nigella’s luscious flourless brownies. Telling a mate about it afterwards, she boasted that she’d made a separate batch with no walnuts in for the brother-in-law who has a nut allergy.

The mate, who’d earlier begged the recipe, looked astonished: “Nut allergy? How did he get on with the ground almonds you used instead of flour?” He must have given his brownie to the dog when no-one was looking.

* Last week Angel fessed up to a spot of dishnesty when she was charged 16p instead of £16 for pet food.

She at first felt pleased at her windfall, but as the week wore on she felt worse and worse and eventually returned the money. Now she feels much better.

* Angel was doing a spot of babysitting for her sister this week and stopped her chariot outside a shop while the kids were in the back.

“Do you want some sweets she asked?” adding “Is the Pope Catholic?” Quick as a flash the ten-year-old boy replied: “He can’t be. Because he hasn’t been appointed yet.”