Guardian Angel

The latest news from our girl about town

Angel enjoys browsing Spalding’s twice-weekly market but doesn’t usually think for very long about the traders who stand out in all weathers to give us a lively shopping experience.

However, Angel was stopped in her tracks on Saturday when she noticed a stall that was empty other than a small floral decoration and a card bearing the words, ‘In memory of Tony Secker who passed away December 29, 2012.’ Quite a few people were obviously thinking about our market traders on Saturday.

Angel spotted 18 herons in a field close to the river Welland and was puzzled about what was attracting them (they weren’t eating what was growing) until she noticed particularly large nests in some of the adjacent trees. Angel suspects she came across a heronry.

nSad to see that some of 2012’s anti-social behaviour problems in Spalding have festered into 2013 too.

Walking across the market place yesterday, Angel observed a young man who was cycling in the pedestrian area asked to dismount.

He swore at the poor PC, slowly dismounted and then got back on as soon as the officer was out of sight.

Angel was totally intrigued by something she saw in the Sheepmarket area of Spalding town centre the other day.

An old gentleman, with obligatory shopping trolley in tow, stopped, surreptitiously looked round, before pulling what appeared to be a walkie-talkie from inside his coat, listening briefly, speaking into it and then placing it back inside his coat before strolling off. She would love to know who he was reporting to.

Angel resorted to that childish thing of putting her fingers in her ears and loudly singing la, la, la the other day when an acquaintance, who is well into her 60s, started telling her how she had been kept up until the early hours by her husband – who is pushing 80 –the night before.

But she had to giggle when she learned the reason for the late night was a teenage-style session on a new games console they had treated themselves to.

A little hidden treasure was unearthed by Angel while visiting Silverwood Garden Centre in Sutton Crosses recently.

Recently-opened, Glass by D ‘n’ R sells all sorts of beautiful gifts and ornaments, as well as providing courses and demonstrations for adults, children and the whole family.

They can even make jewellery out of your special occasion booze bottles – well worth a visit.

Armed with the new “fascinating facts” book he got for Christmas, Angel’s nephew has been regaling her with all sorts of information. She now knows an elephant and a human are the only animals with chins. There.