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Angel was there to witness the final day of the Butterfly and Wildlife Park in Long Sutton last Sunday.

The young female falconers were quite emotional at the final display session at 3pm but Liberty, the bald headed eagle, did a brilliant job of bringing the curtain down with a stunning display.

Park director Michael Cross then addressed the crowd, blaming the recession for hitting the public’s purse and, in turn, making the park unviable.

It all seemed a bit ironic on such a busy day for visitors.

nOne of Angel’s young friends was photocopying in preparation for a history lesson at school.

The girl’s dad said: “What’s it about?”

“Robert Ketts”, she replied.

The reminiscent dad: “Blimey, that’s a blast from the past.”

Deadpan delivery from the girl: “Well it IS history, Dad.”

nANGEL was travelling through Surfleet as Classic FM played the theme to The Magnificent Seven.

Surfleet immediately mustered the magnificent two on horseback – a man in a cowboy hat and a woman – who were riding along the main road in stately fashion.

nSAT-NAVS are great but you do have to use a drop of common sense. Angel followed a mighty HGV along High Street in Spalding and the driver was obviously so attentive to the mechanical voice that he indicated right before realising the footbridge was never going to be wide enough.

nANGEL is growing increasingly fed-up with tractor drivers who don’t use rear view mirrors and are blind to every lay-by. Angel’s chariot was headed to Spalding from Surfleet the other morning when she was the 25th – to be precise – driver slowly chugging along behind a tractor. More than half the queue turned right at the power station roundabout and all but four of the rest managed a flying overtake on the A16. Angel was then car number four, with a big queue behind her, as the tractor driver merrily sailed past the left-hand side lay-by just before the McDonald’s roundaout.

nBUT, being a glass half-full kind of girl, Angel realised that, while doing 20mph in third gear her car’s computer was registering 99 miles to the gallon. So getting stuck behind tractors costs us time but saves us money.

nAT the weekend Angel was chatting to her young niece about going back to school and her prowess at English. “I really like maths too, especially the really hard sums,” said the youngster. “I’m just not any good at them.”

nIF proof were ever needed that us South Holland folk are not giving up on summer then Angel witnessed it first-hand on a sunny Tuesday evening. Going home to a family barbie, she had to visit three shops before she could buy her bread rolls.