Grammar A Level problem

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SPALDING Grammar School has confirmed it is in contact with an exam board after two students experienced a problem with their Ethics and Philosophy A Level paper on Thursday.

The Lincolnshire Free Press had been led to believe they had been entered for the wrong paper, but headteacher Nigel Ryan denied that was the case, saying: “Two students had unexpected difficulties when they found that the type of questions were different from what they were led to expect.

“The school is following this up with the exam board to ensure the students are treated fairly and is keeping them informed, together with their parents.

“The students were not entered for the wrong exam. They were prepared fully for all the questions on the exam paper, but the teacher also suggested that there would be questions on another topic that they would be able to answer on this paper.

“The two students decided to prepare to answer this topic and so were thrown when questions on that topic did not appear, because it is not examined by this particular paper.

“All the issues are being dealt with by the school.”