Gosberton Risegate musician announces Donington tour date

Liz Lenten.
Liz Lenten.

There are many facets to Gosberton Risegate singer-songwriter, musician and choir leader Liz Lenten.

But it is her Americana ensemble persona in the band Auburn that fans in South Holland will have the chance to see this month.

The band is due to release their fifth album Love & Promises on June 17.

The next day, on Saturday, June 18, Liz and guest duet vocal Chet O’Keefe will be performing in Donington on their Cross the Deep Atlantic tour.

Billed as “two guitars, two voices... live and acoustic”, the pair are performing at The Black Bull (7pm, music starts at 8pm). Entry is free.

The album features Liz’s favourite themes covering a range of reflections on emotions and situations, from love, loss, uncertainty and yearning, to dreams, frustrating teenagers, imaginary lovers... and the sorry, sad state of the world.

“Remarkably, it’s pretty upbeat mostly, honest!”, laughs Liz, who is probably better known in this district for her work in the community, both in music education and leading choirs – on top of private singing and guitar lessons.

There are in fact four distinct areas of work for Liz, including artist management under her Scarlet Records label, music education for both teachers and children, her community choir work, and her own music.

The band was reformed in 2011 after almost a decade apart (during which time Liz became a mum) and last year produced another happy delivery, the critically acclaimed album Mixed Feelings.

Last year proved to be a hugely exciting one all together for the band, as they embarked on a major UK tour, again supporting the legendary Jefferson Starship and then later in the year, with Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbric, captivating audiences around the country with their unique blend of Americana, blues, and roots music.

Their new album, Love & Promises, was mainly written in the mountains of eastern Crete last year, in what Liz calls “a flurry of outpouring”.

She said: “It’s been another crazy year for me, with huge personal life changes, which left me realising that you really need to focus on the here and now and live for the moment – not in a ‘I could die tomorrow’ kind of way, just that there is no point on dwelling on the past and planning too far ahead in the future.

“You need to just focus on and enjoy the present, and realise that nothing is for ever. That’s the Love & Promises message anyway.

“I’m not saying it’s the same for everyone of course, but that’s how it is for me. Hopefully there are other people out there that this will resonate with.”