Go potty and brighten up your autumn garden

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SEPTEMBER can be a rather mediocre month colour-wise in the garden.

Much of the summer bedding is getting past its best, it’s too early for the autumn foliage shades of red and gold; and unless you’ve planted plenty of late perennials, your plot may look a little drab.

This can be remedied by planting up some bright autumn pots.

You’ll find plenty of suitable subjects in most garden centres and even in supermarkets right now, so why not add some autumn flowering pot plants to your weekly shopping list?

In the time it takes to repot them together into a suitable container, you can transform your patio or other sunny spot for weeks to come, as I did this afternoon.

The container I used had been planted with summer bedding which was well past its sell-by date, so I emptied it and washed it out well first.

I chose mainly flowering plants that were just starting to bloom, together with some interesting foliage.

The secret of success is to plant as closely as possible as it is immediate effect you’re looking for.

All my choices except one could be used again next year – weather from now onwards permitting, as frost could affect some of them.

My recipe – a small, cream outdoor chrysanthemum; rose-red mini cyclamen; blue primrose and yellow pansy with maroon blotch, together with a small fern and a variegated ivy for leaf interest.

The total cost of plants was £5.34; there was also a small amount of potting compost.

An inexpensive way of cheering up the shorter days, I’m sure you’d agree.