Ghostly goings-on in Crowland Abbey?

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Everyone loves a ghost story, but a Crowland man says he had no idea he was in the middle of one when he took photographs inside the town’s abbey on a summer’s evening last year.

Paranormal enthusiast Michael Dragonetti believes there were some ghostly goings on that he did not see until he downloaded his pictures.

Mr Dragonetti (31), of Horseshoe Court, said he had simply gone to the abbey to take pictures of the historic building, first built at the end of the 7th century.

He said: “When I got home I had a look at the pictures and saw I had picked up some psychic extras.

“I used to belong to a group of paranormal enthusiasts, but on this occasion I just wanted to take some nice pictures of the inside of the abbey.

“But it’s always exciting when you find something unexpected.”

He said the pictures show multiple orbs – ghosts floating in the air above him.

Orbs are believed by paranormal enthusiasts to be ghosts in the forms of balls of light that travel in groups.

Sceptics would say orb artefacts that are found on photographs are captured during low-light instances where the camera’s flash is used, such as at night or underwater – or where a bright light source is near the lens.

However, Mr Dragonetti is convinced what he saw was paranormal. He said: “There have been more than one abbey on this site over the centuries and a lot of people have died and been buried here.

“My pictures show a lot of peaceful activity going on there.”

According to a paranormal data website, in 870 monks who embraced pagan ideals were cursed by the devil and told a new abbey would soon be built on the site and they would die before it became so. Soon after, a Viking raid levelled the building and all the monks died.

Mr Dragonetti said: “I’d like to think the pictures show generations of Crowland people meeting up.”