Get rabbits fit for the Bunny-lympics

Rabbit lover Donna Burke with one of her fit friends.
Rabbit lover Donna Burke with one of her fit friends.
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SPALDING animal-lover Donna Burke reckons her rabbits are so fit they could take on the world in the Bunny-lympics.

She belongs to the Rabbit Welfare Association which has put out a light-hearted plea to bunny-owners in the UK to take inspiration from the human Games and get their pets into training.

An Association spokesman said: “The Government is promoting fitness for all in this Olympic year, and as so many rabbits suffer health problems because of bad diet and lack of space to exercise, we’re joining in with a call for fitness for rabbits.

“Are your bunnies world-beating athletes or hutch potatoes?”

The four rescued bunnies kept by Donna and husband John in their Spalding garden are about as far from hutch potatoes as is feasible for creatures with buck teeth and long ears.

They have been honed to their physical peak on a world-beating exercise regime and healthy diet which others could follow.

Hutched in the ideal neutered female/male combination, each pair has a 12ft by 5ft wooden floored living area with 24-hour access to a tunnelling ‘gym’ of earth specially prepared so they can dig as hard as they like without escaping.

In daytime hours they’re released through a plastic tube running track to a 6ft by 8ft ‘stadium’ on the lawn where they play and eat their fill of natural wild rabbit food of grass and hay.

Donna said: “In the wild rabbits cover the area of 30 football pitches a day and eat grass. Ours run a lot but digging is their best exercise and it doesn’t take up a lot of room.”

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