Genetics exhibition in Ayscoughfee

GENETICS is the theme of the latest exhibition from internationally acclaimed American artist David Lloyd Brown at Ayscoughfee Hall museum in Spalding.

The exhibition of drawings will run in the museum's Geest Gallery until December 18 and entry is free.

Brown is currently Associate Dean of Academic Affairs—Graduate Programs at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.

He has exhibited extensively for over 25 years, most recently in one person exhibitions at The New England School of Art & Design, The Artists Foundation Boston, and The Boston Drawing Project at the Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts.

He said: "The drawings in the cycle are displayed in order of the Fibonacci sequence linking the art work to nature and the aesthetic sensibility of the western tradition that extends from ancient Greece to the present.

"The first drawing of one panel is followed by a second single panel, then two, three, five, eight and ultimately an expansive 13 panels of the seventh drawing that reaches across the grand wall of the Geest Gallery.

"Experiencing them in progression I hope the changes in shape, decoration and complexity will captivate you and inspire contemplation on the natural order of change and evolution."

Councillor Nick Worth, South Holland District Council's Portfolio Holder for Rural Affairs, said: "This is a really exciting exhibition to hold in the Geest Gallery.

David is a fantastic artist, and we're really proud to exhibit his beautiful drawings."