Gardening with Daphne: What do you buy the gardener with it all?

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The most bizarre present I have ever been given was a wormery.

The most bizarre present I have ever been given was a wormery.

It was a wedding present from one of the gardening charities I was dealing with at the time; the reason for the unusual gift (they said) was “What do you give a couple who have everything?”

I took it in the spirit it was meant – I think!

I came across a similar item this week, which I reckon would make an ideal Christmas present for a keen gardener who also seems to have the lot.

Two Wests and Elliott has introduced into its catalogue what seems to be a useful bit of kit.

Known as the Envirofeed Jug, this is a liquid plant food maker which will make up to two litres of free organic liquid plant food fertiliser from green waste from the kitchen and garden, such as lettuce leaves, carrot tops, nettles, dandelions and similar soft plant material.

Made from 100 per cent recyclable materials, it should really appeal to the green gardener; not only saving money on liquid feeds (the best way of getting nutrients to your plants quickly and safely), it will also reduce wastage and give a product that is entirely natural, without the addition of non-organic chemicals and other additives.

The Envirofeed liquid plant food maker is a British product which has been designed, manufactured and packaged in South Yorkshire, so protecting jobs and supporting the local economy, while providing much needed revenue to a local charity (a sheltered workshop).

At an affordable price of £11.99 (plus £4.99 carriage), this clever device should pay for itself many times over as you can use it time and time again – even backed up with a free five year guarantee after registration.

There are at least two of my friends who will be getting one of these for Christmas, and as the carriage cost covers any number of items, I’ll probably be ordering one for myself (if nobody does it for me!).