GAMING REVIEW: Chilled-out open world experience

Forza Horizon ANL-141014-112709001
Forza Horizon ANL-141014-112709001
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The Forza franchise continues to impressively evolve with every iteration – and this follow-up to their Horizon spin-off proves to be no different.

With a mellower tone than its more serious cousin – seen from the start as you make your way to the super-cool locale of the Horizon Festival – this offers a more chilled-out open world experience complete with knock-out graphics along a Mediterranean coastline.

With more than 200 cars to choose from, levelling up has never been so much fun across hundreds of events – and the car handling has never been better.

The ability to switch between online and solo play is the icing on the cake – and uses the same AI friends profiling from Forza 5 – as this continues to be a class act.

By Gavin Miller Rating: 5/5