GAME REVIEW: Fantasy action has epic atmpospheric world

LORDS OF THE FALLEN ANL-140411-132503001
LORDS OF THE FALLEN ANL-140411-132503001
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This solid entry in the fantasy action-RPG field can’t unfortunately escape the comparisons with the Dark Souls series.

As tormented hero Harkyn, you battle formidable adversaries and giant bosses with impressive weaponry, an in-depth skill system and arsenal of spells – when a fallen God unleashes his demonic army that threatens humanity.

It is hampered by balancing issues, generally uninspiring characters and a fairly dull narrative that leaves it short of greatness – yet with bags of potential for future entries.

But it still deserves to be lauded in its own right with an epic atmospheric world to explore, fun combat mechanics, and generally challenging RPG elements – that makes it one of the best of its ilk to hit next-gen consoles.

By Gavin Miller Rating: 3/5