GAME REVIEW: A lot more than meets the eye

Destiny ANL-140917-105848001
Destiny ANL-140917-105848001
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Destiny may not quite be the revolution that some may have been hoping for – but still evolves the first-person shooter in a generally spectacular fashion.

There’s been a few naysayers quick to bring this RPG-style shooter down, but if you persist there’s a lot more to this game – from the makers of Halo – than initially meets the eye.

This mechanically-sound shooter has unsurprisingly been heavily inspired by Halo – and mashes in a bit of Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect among others – but there’s something about Destiny that makes you carry on playing.

Whether it’s advancing your XP to above Level 20 – which really opens the game up further – playing with your buddies in a strong (if bare bones) co-op or competitive multiplayer, or just exploring the Moon, Venus or Mars, it really has that little something extra that draws you back in, as you play as your customised warrior against alien races.

It isn’t the best shooter ever, the best RPG ever, the best multiplayer ever, has the best story, or has the best community-based interaction, but it does every aspect solidly without ever actually being spectacular in any forms – which could disappoint some after all the hype.

With a bounty of exploration and side quests, this could just be the tip of the iceberg, even though it’s admittedly hampered by its sometimes linear and repetitive approach – and lack of Fallout 3/Skyrim-esque open world landscapes.

At the moment this has probably ushered in a new era of gaming as an RPG FPS (Role Playing Game-First Person Shooter), but only time will tell if this is truly destined to evolve into a gaming great – depending on the extra content Bungie add in the future.

As it stands Destiny is currently a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ – but if you endeavour it could well become the master of some.

By Gavin Miller – Rating: 4/5