Fun at the ‘Curly’ Centre

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Angel attended a birthday party at the Curlew Centre in Sutton Bridge recently and thought it very sweet that some of the youngsters thought the venue was called the “Curly Centre”.

nA visit to the doctor’s is never fun, but at Angel’s local surgery it seems quite a social occasion. While queuing to get in she overheard old folk criticising their peers’ driving skills and then bemoaning modern car engineering, before going on to lambast hospital waiting lists.

nThe queue eventually moved inside, where a mum clearly embarrassed her teenage daughter by saying quite loudly: “We’ve got to get it sorted, love. It reeks.”

nDid anyone hear the post office van parked in the market place at around 2pm on Tuesday? “This Post Office vehicle is under attack. Please call the police,” it blurted out again and again.

Angel must admit that, seeing it was empty and not being tampered with, she walked past like everyone else.

Hope there wasn’t a poor postie tied up inside...

nAngel enjoyed fantastic service in Spalding’s Argos on Tuesday afternoon by an extremely friendly youth who explained everything about the product she was buying before giving her a very jovial, Peter Kay-style wink.

nSchoolchildren smoking is never a nice sight, but when you see a schoolgirl leaving her house with cigarette in mouth, as Angel did yesterday morning, you have to wonder, was there an adult inside and, if so, what were they thinking?

nBeing a keen reader of the Guardian and Free Press, Angel usually keeps one step ahead of any roadworks. So she was very annoyed that the county council didn’t tell these esteemed publications about the road closure at Whaplode St Catherine, meaning her back-road drive from Tydd St Mary to Spalding yesterday required an annoying detour.

nAngel wondered why there were sheep asleep in a Holbeach potato field while driving to work on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, a little more awake, she realised the “sheep” were actually white sacks.

nAngel previously had a boss who liked to talk of “getting our ducks in a row” and so she was quite tickled to spot, as she walked along the riverside in Spalding, about seven ducks having a snooze and very much in a row.

nQuestion for yummy mummies: Why oh why do you park on both sides of the road at Gosberton’s school when there are roadworks nearby and the queuing traffic cannot easily pass your vehicles? Children won’t break if they walk a few more yards, honestly, it will actually do them good.